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Let your hair do the talking for you

Bukky Beauty Hair appreciates that men have different needs and preferences for their hair when compared to women. That's why we're proud to offer tailored men's styling services, whether you are looking for a classic look or a modern trend, leaving you feeling confident and satisfied.

Your hair is more than just hair – It's an opportunity to enhance your appearance and express yourself, and finding a hair style that suits you makes for an instant boost to your confidence and overall appearance. Our mission is to help you find yours and perfect it, so that you can walk with your head held high everywhere you go.

The team at our hair salon in Basildon is here to help you step into a move confident you, turn heads and feel your best - Click here to book an appointment, or call us at 07946 615751 if you have any questions.

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Side profile of man with single plait braids

Single plaits

A timelessly clean and versatile style, we offer single plaits to suit any look, preference or style. 

Whether you are looking for a subtle, sophisticated look or to make a bold statement, our aim is to help you create a style that expresses your individuality and perfectly complements your personal style.

Single Plait Services 

Man with glasses and short dreadlock hairstyle


One of the most culturally significant hairstyles in the world, well-crafted dreadlocks are the ultimate expression of your heritage and personal style.

Our team of men's hairdressers in Basildon aren't just able to help start, maintain and re-twist your dreadlocks, but offer advice on care and maintenance routines to keep them looking their best between salon visits.

Dreadlock services 

Man with cornrows


Our meticulous approach and eye for detail creates flawless and long-lasting cornrows that elevate your style and express your individuality. 

Our hair salon in Basildon offers a range of intricate, styling and statement-making cornrows specifically for men, in a range of designs and patterns to suit any preference.

Cornrow Services 




 Some past handiwork from our men's hairdressers in Basildon